Notes - Natural Thing

Building a room in my room.

 Consequences of building a room in my room:

1. Not enough space for my bed
2.  An opportunity to record my sleeping behaviour.
(Later these photo's got selected for the cover of a book about people and their beds)

 ''BED'' by Heske ten Cate

Notes of the light patterns and build-up of the 'Natural Thing'

 The 'Natural Thing' is the 'will'  & hunting instinct of the animal.  The light visualises this by attracting the instinct, and connects this animal instinct to the electronic music by following the speed and melody.  
Animal >follows> Light >follows> Music 
*Music controls the animal

My grocery store advertisement ''your pet in the leading role!'' 
(found by a reporter and featured on the website
a website that collects strange grocery store advertisements)

 Meeting one of the first participants ''Fritz'' the cat.

The Indian leopard kittens triplet

Young animals will focus on the light projection faster and want to start the chase.
While older animals seem more reserved and conscious of the strange new environment.

Fast animals want to be challenged to chase fast moving light projections.
Slow animals will only try to follow the patterns that they can keep up with.

The mistery cat that suddenly appeared at the scene


cat ''Stevens'', cat ''Sop'', cat ''Duif'', cat ''Vos'', cat ''Peter'', cat ''Fritz'', cat ''Moos'', cat ''Jeltsin, cat ''Momo'', cat ''Beer'', ''the Indian leopard kittens triplet'' & mother cat ''Aurora'', 
cat ''that miraculously came wondering in our house the last day of filming'' 
all the ferrets of Rine Oddens, dog ''Puck'', dog ''Charlotte Sometimes'', dog ''Langele'', dog ''Pan'', dog ''Cino'', dog ''Macho'', dog ''Igor'', dog ''Lotte'', dog ''Mojo'', dog ''Pablo'', dog ''Sambal'', dog ''Wendy'' (and all their owners).