Heart of the matter
October, 2015 / 2016

Radboud Kunst & Cultuur is presenting my work (Descent, Refreshment, 
Division & Tape Generations) in the ''Heart of the matter'' exhibition at the 
Radboud University / UMC (Nijmegen, Netherlands). Also on show now at the 
Radboudumc is the ''Kunstformen Der Natur'' exhibition (mediamatic) with 
illustrations of Ernst Haeckel. More about this here:

October 2, 2016

Impression is de tweede editie waarin Kunstliefde een overzicht laat zien van 
hedendaagse grafiek. De tentoonstelling geeft een impressie van de huidige ontwikkelingen 
binnen de grafiek, van traditionele grafiek tot grafiek waar de grenzen worden opgezocht met 
andere media tot en met beeldend werk met sterk grafische elementen. Hans Laban, 
Charles Donker, Caroline Koenders, Saskia Jetten, Margriet Thissen, 
Erica van Seeters, Henny van der Meer en Johan Rijpma.

Thinking Sense
October 1, 2016

With Bas van den Hurk, Just Quist, Sema Bekirovic, 
Marc Nagtzaam, Esther Venrooy, Kok & Deiman, Margret Wibmer a.o.

From 1 October 2016 until the 29th of October the Save the Loom foundation 

will present in the Witteveen Visual Art Centre the exhibition 'Thinking Sense' 
on the role of the senses in making and experiencing visual art. 
The work of a select group of contemporary artists will examine the ways in which 
sensory experience is anchored in the art of today. 
The exhibition is being put together by curator Saskia Monshouwer.

27 March, 2016


 Exhibiting ''Primary Expansion'' and 4 ''Primary (screen)Prints'' at the 
Kaap/Tweetakt group exhibition with work of i.e. Lotte Geeven
 Mai Yamashita & Naoto Kobayashi. Foto © Anna van Kooije.

Imagine Science Films
18 October, 2016  

 The world premiere of my film ''Extrapolate'' at the 9th Imagine Science Film
Festival in New York, October 18. This film was  created with support from 
''Animation Artist in Residence Tokyo 2016'' part of the Agency for Cultural
Affairs, Government of Japan (Bunka-cho). 

Kyoto Art Center Presentation
20 February, 2016  

Presenting my work and new work (in progress) ''Extrapolate'' + work of other 
dutch artists at the Kyoto Art Center in Japan during my Animation Artist in Residence.

Knowledge Capital Presentation
20 February, 2016  

Presenting my work at the Knowledge Capital in Osaka, Japan.
During the exhibition ''Freesound'' with work of Christina Kubisch and Ei Wada.   


Animation Artist In Residence
4 December, 2015 

JAPIC just announced that I will be one of the three artists that will be
traveling to Tokyo for the Japic Animation Artist in Residence (AAIR)!
  I'm very excited out this great opportunity, the other invited artists 
are Jacky de Groen and Lilian Vazquez and we will be traveling to
Tokyo on January 7th (2016) and stay for 70 days to work on our
animation, experience Tokyo and interact with the Japanese 
animation community. The official announcement can be found here:

LIMA - new work
1 December, 2015

On tuesday 1 December (from 20:30 - 22:30) a screening from THE LIMA 
COLLECTION will take place at Arie Biemondstraat 111 in Amsterdam. 
This evening will focus on new work from the LIMA collection (Live 
performances by Bas van Koolwijk & Onno Govaert and Z▲Z▲Z◎Z◎ 
(Joseph Marzolla & Melanie Bonajo) Q&A's with Roy Villevoye, Johan Rijpma, 
Giovanni Giaretta and Melanie Bonajo) and will be programmed by Theus Zwakhals 
and Sanneke Huisman. More information can be found here:

Cinetoko #32
11 November, 2015 

On 11 November I will be talking about my films at Cinetoko together with 
Suitup Studio, Studio Smack & Floris Kaayk at the Korzo in The Hague.

*Since 2008 Cinetoko has been organising film nights for people who love 
moving image and film. It's about the creative process behind the scenes 
from the people who make it happen. We aim to share the experience of 
film making and inspire creative minds, by inviting special guests to talk 
about their work in the comfort of the Korzo Theater in The Hague.

Werkbijdrage Jong Talent
October, 2015 

I'm very happy and grateful to receive the generous support of the Mondriaan 
Fund for my new projects next year. The ten other artists who also received this
grant ''Werkbijdrage Jong Talent'' are: Dorine van Meel, Timo van Grinsven, 
Luuk Smits, Romi Tweebeeke, Guy Vording, Kim van  Erven, Jan Wattjes, 
Bernice Nauta, Helen Anna Flanagan en Mitchell Thar.

*Recentelijk kregen elf beeldend kunstenaars een toekenning voor een 
Werkbijdrage Jong Talent (WJT). Met deze bijdrage wil het Mondriaan Fonds de 
artistieke ontwikkeling van beginnende kunstenaars stimuleren en cultureel 
ondernemerschap ontwikkelen. De bijdrage kan worden gebruikt voor de 
ontwikkeling van nieuw werk, zoals het verrichten van onderzoek, het bekostigen van 
materiaal en apparatuur en het uitvoeren van projecten in binnen- of buitenland.  

More info:

Shortcutz 2015
15 October, 20015

27 October, 20015 

Talking about, and presenting my work in the Rock, Paper, Sellotape program
at a special EYE ON ART evening focused on my work and inspirations, 
at Eye Film Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands. At the end of the evening I will
also present two other films by Mai Yamashita & Naoto Kobayashi and Brett Battey. 

*EYE on Art is a weekly programme where film meets the visual arts. EYE on Art 
keeps track of current events, offering shows relating to contemporary artists and 
special programmes to mark major exhibitions, manifestations and EYE activities. 
EYE on Art also focuses on experimental work by the new generation of makers and 
creators Researchlabs and the rich and animated history of the avant-garde film.

More information about this evening can be found in the links below:
 Eye Film Institute: Rock, Paper, Sellotape
E Cinema Academy: Rock, Paper, Sellotape + Workshop Film & Ink 

Primary Print
22 October, 20015 

Together with Felix van Dam I created screen prints as an extension of
the film ''Primary Expansion''. The prints will be exhibited at the Eye film
Museum from 26-31 October. * You can check out the prints here

24 - 25 September, 20015

On Thursday, the 24th of September at 14:00h 2015 the Save the Loom 
foundation invites you to our event TIME. Time as defined by 'attention', 
to 'take time' in creative processes and 'time passing'. Does every work 
of art have its own time? And is this tangible? Hosted by Saskia Monshouwer
curator en textile artist Emily van Olden we will this time feature visual artist 
Johan Rijpma, Arthur d´Ansembourg, philosopher and visual artist Semâ Bekirovic.
Join us for a unique program and philosophical talks at Emily's atelier which is  located 

at the rear end of WOW, towards the sports facilities at the Amsterdam Grafisch Ateliers

More information about this discussion and workshop can be found in the links below:
Monshouwer Editions: Philosophical talk (Dutch)
Monshouwer Editions: Workshop (Dutch)   

Curating KFP Musicvideo program
September, 2015 

Curating a special musicvideo program for the ´´Korte Film Poule´´ at  
Eye Film Institute.

 September, 2015

This exhibition showcases art that uses the distinctive and unconventional 
medium of adhesives.  The works on view, which include several site-specific 
installations, incorporate various tapes, glues and stickers utilized for mark 
making, shading, color and texture. Artists from across the United States, 
Europe, and Asia will present works that demonstrate the somewhat unexpected 
and incredibly technical aesthetic quality of this art form. The exhibition is curated by 
Katherine Murdock, Visual Arts Center of New Jersey Assistant Curator.

LIMA, In focus
22 July, 2015

Johan Rijpma (1984) is one of the new young artists whose work has 
recently been added to the LIMA collection...

La Condition Humaine
June 2015 

The exhibition La Condition Humaine questions the human condition in 

contemporary culture by focussing on our competitive struggle for power 
and fame, in connection with our fragility and failure. In their videos and short 
films, Annegret Kellner, Johan Rijpma and Anna van Suchtelen discuss 
diverse aspects of this theme, each in his or her own specific way.

Honorary Mention
May 27, 2015 


Received an Honorary Mention at Prix Ars Electronica in Austria,
for ''Descent'' Catagory: Computer Animation/Film/VFX.
Also an Honorary Mention for my favourite interactive musicvideo
''Do Not Touch'' by the people from Studio Moniker.   
(where I had my internship in 2010)

ANN ARBOR DVD Collection
May 20, 2015 

''Division'' is featured on the ANN ARBOR Film Festival DVD vol.7 with
many great experimental and award winning Short films from the 52nd ANN 
ARBOR Film Festival such as i.a. ''bbrraattss'' by Ian Cheng, ''Lunar Almanac'' 
by Malena Szlam, Suchy Pion by Wojciech Bakowski and many others. 
You can order de DVD here:


Onder Controle
May 2015


Exhibiting my work as part of the ''Onder Controle'' art project organized 
by Utrecht Down Under, with work of i.a. Jan Willem Deiman, Jaya Pelupessy,
Rudie van den Berg and Michiel Ragnar. 

Curious Methods
May 7, 2015 

Giving my ´Masterclass´  Curious Methods, followed by a Round Table 
discussion with Robert Seidel and Steven Woloshen at LaCasa Encendida, 
Madrid as part of the Punto Y Raya Academy. 

IED Clinic Madrid
 May, 2015

Bret Battey, Johan Rijpma & Chris Casady at the Clinic for IED Students 
at Punto y Raya Academy 2015.

April 2015

Groups exhibition Kaap/Tweetakt 2015, Fort Ruigenhoek Utrecht 
with i.a. Zoro Feigl and Leonard van Munster. Foto © Anna van Kooije

Go Short Campus - Masterclass
April 2015

 Just gave a Masterclass at the ''New Arrivals - Go Short Campus'' 
at the Go Short Film Festival in Nijmegen in this warm and cozy setting
This was followed by a great and very entertaining Masterclass by 
Alexei Dmitriev on social etiquette at international short film festivals.

April 2015

Created the ''LIFE IS SHORT'' Trailer for the Go Short Film Festival
2016. You can still see it here:

Holland Animation Film Festival
March 2014

''Descent'' received a ''Best Dutch Animation'' Nomination at Holland 
Animation Film Festival together with Max Italiaander and Patrick Raats. 

Tape dein Bewustsein
December 2014

Group exhibition with Volker Schreiner and Mihai Grecu at ''Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart''

Drastic Measures
September 6, 2014

Presenting my work at in the ''Drastic Measures'' exhibition at the 
''Academiegalerie'' (Utrecht, Netherlands) with Jan Willem Deiman

Radboud Exhibition
September, 2014 

Exhibiting ´´Refreshment´´ + Transition Frame photo's at Radboud University
in Nijmegen, Netherlands

May 20, 2014

Appointed Advisor - Dutch Media Fund - 
Dept.: TAX- videoclipfonds Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Kick
September 27, 2014

Presenting my work at ''The Kick'' at Nederlands Film Festival

NFF Talkshow
September 18, 2014

A nice and short article by Art Rooyakker about our talk during
the NFF (Nederlands Film Festival) Talkshow. (Send in by
Reshma Jagernath) 

March 31, 2014

Presenting my work at Festival Erarta Motion Pictures
at Museum of Contemporary Art, Saint Petersburg Russia

Barbara Aronofsky Latham Award
March 30, 2014

Division awarded the Barbara Aronofsky Latham Award 
for emerging experimental video artist at the 52nd edition 
of the Ann Arbor Film Festival

Januari 26, 2014

E/V/E/R/Y S/I/N/G/L/E D/A/Y Exhibition with Jeroen Diepenmaat
at the Kunstenlab, Deventer, Netherlands

2 Minutes Short Film Award
January 19, 2014

''Division'' awarded with the  ''2 Minutes Short Film Award For 
Emerging Filmmakers'' at the Stuttgarter Filmwinter Festival 
(With Max Hattler, Johann Lurf and Jessica Manstetten)

November 21, 2013

Presenting my work (and more) at the ''Panic Room (#8)'' (at Post Panic 
Amsterdam, Netherlands) with Aaron Duffy & Mike Alderson 

Incubate Film Award 2013
September 21, 2013

 ''Division'' Awarded with the Incubate Film Award 2013, 
Tilburg, Netherlands

Cinedans Lecture
March 1, 2013

''Is it dance?'' (Actor-Network Theory) lecture with Zeynep Gunduz 
at Cinedans Festival, Eye Film Institute, Amsterdam Netherlands

L'Oeil de links
Januari 6,  2013

Interview L'Oeil de links, Canal Plus France,
presenting ''Primary Expansion'' 

November 20/25, 2012

Interview and film screening at Bucharest International Experimental 
Film Festival (BIEFF) Romania with Wouter Venema, 
Simone Bennett and Anna Abrahams

IMPAKT, Rigid Regimes
October 28, 2012

Presenting ''Tape Generations'' at Impakt Festival's Panorama Event: 
Rigid Regimes, Utrecht, Netherlands

August 18, 2012 

''Tape Generations'' screened at the Exploratorium in San Francisco for the
celebration of the American particle physicist Frank Oppenheimers 100th Birthday

TED, Tinker Make Do
June 25, 2012

Screening of ''Division'' at TED Global 2012: Radical Openness
''Tinker Make Do'' Program with i.a. Massimo Banzi 

June 1, 2012

''Division'' screened on the great wall of Oakland, California, USA

Workshop Tampere Art Factory
May 6/11, 2012

Experimental creative design workshop together with Cyrille Bloemers
at Tampere Art Factory, Finland

December, 2011

Tape Generations awarded with the audience and Jury Award
for the HKU Award 2011, Utrecht, Netherlands


Tokudane Toko Dooga
September 20, 2011

Interview Tokudane Toko Dooga, Japan Broadcasting Cooperation

September 15, 2011

Exhibiting ''Tape Generations''  Installation and film
at the ''Think Design Play'' exhibition & conference, Hilversum Netherlands 

November 10, 2010

 Presenting ''Tegels'' at INVIDEO film festival, Milano, Italy