Eye On Art

| 20 October, 2015 | 

Talking about, and presenting my work in the Rock, Paper, Sellotape program at a special EYE ON ART evening focused on my work and inspirations, at Eye Film Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands. At the end of the evening I will also present two other films by Mai Yamashita & Naoto Kobayashi and Brett Battey.

*EYE on Art is a weekly programme where film meets the visual arts. EYE on Art keeps track of current events, offering shows relating to contemporary artists and special programmes to mark major exhibitions, manifestations and EYE activities. EYE on Art also focuses on experimental work by the new generation of makers and creators Researchlabs and the rich and animated history of the avant-garde film.

More information about this evening can be found in the links below:
Eye Film Institute: Rock, Paper, Sellotape
E Cinema Academy: Rock, Paper, Sellotape + Workshop Film & Ink