Physical Predictions

| 01 October, 2017 |

October 1st will be the opening of my solo exhibition “Physical Predictions” at “Het Langhuis” in Zwolle.
The exhibition can be seen until November 22nd (Extended) from Tueseday till Sunday 13:00 / 17:00.
I will also be giving a talk with a special screening during the opening and on November 22nd at 19:00.

In the Exhibition ‘Physical Predictions’ het Langhuis presents the work of Johan Rijpma. With precise and systematic procedures, Rijpma engages in creative collaborations with objects from his daily surroundings. In these physical thought experiments, the relationship between the observer and the observed is reflected in a playful way. At first glance, simple processes such as the breaking of a plate or the tearing of paper, by their internal logic, develop into complex situations in which cause and effect are inventively merged into hypnotic videos and installations.