How to start?… I’m starting to think that there is no clear and ultimate beginning. Does it start with a ripple(1)? Does it start with the expression of the awareness of the ripple(2)? Or is the beginning something more abstract, like the creation of the substance that can ripple(3)?

It obviously has already started, and I slowly became aware of it. After easing into it I suddenly experienced the ripple, revealing the mechanism that is creating my awareness and recreating my surroundings out of the most subtle subjective memory’s, associations and impressions.

After the first ripple many more followed. Sometimes with big distances between them. After a big ripple or even a wave or splash some time is needed for things to become calm and stable again. A ripple in an unstable wild stream will go unnoticed and can therefor not be classified as such. First there is a disturbance that forces a zoom out, an expansion. From this wider perspective the wild stream needs to be reconfigured to become calm again so it can carry and display the next ripple.

This work will be a composite of different ripples, humps, spotlights, delay’s different experiences connected to different images and analogies.


Impressions and Impressionism

Like a diver exploring the diving bed if I try to read them no one can help me with any rules, for to read them was itself an act of creation.

* Proust


Scene 1 Ballpoint

The first scene can represent both the activity that is causing the ripple and the activity of expressing it. The creative process causing a sudden hyper focus and the creative process expressing the sudden hyper focus. This change of perception can also be caused by other activities that are not directly linked to a creative process in the usual sense of the word. What the ripple is revealing however is that perception is always a form of creation / re-creation. Therefor this first scene will show this experience in both a direct and symbolic way.

Time and concentration. Higher concentration. simultaneously feedback.

Observation(1) is recreation(2).


Ik heb genoeg aan mijn eigen gedachten.

I can only read when I want to write. I can only learn when I want to act. I can only listen to music when I want to feel something.



I want to get to the point, it’s a paradoxical feeling. Wanting to capture something in great detail but also wanting to compress it into something clear, short and fundamental. Only the core is important. The edge of the center.


Knowing that you are hungry, there is no doubt.




Waarom is mijn drang zo groot om dit uit te drukken? Emotionele verwaarlozing? Ik herinner verdeelde aandacht, half slachtige verhalen en antwoorden. Er was geen tijd en aandacht. Het wonder van nieuw bewustzijn werd niet opgemerkt.

Books List

The reconfigured Eye





Scene one – Ball Point