Category: Installations

Installations: Syncing Waves

Syncing Waves (2020)   Two synchronization experiments at MIR Project, Wageningen University & Research. In the first experiment two wave shaped tracks are connected with each other by…

Installations: Sjen Sjen

Sjen Sjen (2019)   “Sjen Sjen” is an abstract qualia exchange mechanism that allows you to see yourself from the perspective of the other. Through geometrical representation, a…

Installations: The Twelve-Eleven Break

The Twelve-Eleven Break (2017) Wood, Wire, Ceramic (ΓΈ 121,1 cm) “The Twelve-Eleven Break” is a model initially created for the frozen reflection scene of “Elastic Recurrence”. The scene…

installations: Primary Prints

Primary Prints (2016) A2 (594 x 420 mm) Screenprint x 4 (Edition of 12 copies) These prints are an extension of the film “Primary Expansion”. Find out more…

installations: Paths of Least Resistance

Paths of Least Resistance (2017)   Torn up white A4 paper on cardboard divisions in 10, 20, 30 and 40 pieces. The first tear is made in the…

Installations: Refreshment

Save States (2016)   A sequence of the 50 transitional states (stages) from the film Refreshment  

installations: The Twelve Dimensional Cup

The Twelve Dimensional Cup (2014) Dried clay sculpture from the film “Descent”.

installations: Unique Sprinkles

Unique Sprinkles Arrangement of many unique chocolate sprinkles.