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How to start?… I’m starting to think that there is no clear and ultimate beginning. Does it start with a ripple(1)? Does it start with the expression of…

Notes: Division

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Notes: Tape Generations

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Notes: Elastic Recurrence

Drop The beginning, dropping the “Infinity White” dinner plate.   Bounce Dropping each shard of the broken plate separately and compositing the recordings together.   Repeat Dropping each…

Notes: Extrapolate

1. Extrapolating a line through the grid. 2. Observing and tracing the extrapolation process.   3. Extrapolating the extrapolation process. The hand is divided in different segments, through…

Notes: Descent

All sculptures seen above are made of the remains of their predecessor. Because each sculpture had to be destroyed in order to create the next one only the…

Notes: Primary Expansion

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