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Exploratorium | 18, August 2012 |  “Tape Generations” screened at the Exploratorium in San Francisco for the celebration of the American particle physicist Frank Oppenheimers 100th Birthday.

TED, Tinker Make Do

TED, Tinker Make Do | 25, June 2012 |  Screening of “Division” at TED Global 2012: Radical Openness “Tinker Make Do” Program with i.a. Massimo Banzi.

The Great Wall of Oakland

The Great Wall of Oakland | 01, June 2012 |  “Division” screened on the great wall of Oakland, California, USA.

Workshop Tampere Art Factory

Workshop Tampere Art Factory | 06, May 2012 |  Experimental creative design workshop together with Cyrille Bloemers at Tampere Art Factory, Finland.

HKU Award 2011

HKU Award 2011 | 01, December 2011 |  Tape Generations awarded with the audience and Jury Award for the HKU Award 2011, Utrecht, Netherlands.

Tokudane Toko Dooga

Tokudane Toko Dooga | 20, September 2011 |  Interview Tokudane Toko Dooga, Japan Broadcasting Cooperation.