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KLIK! Animation for Art Lovers Award

KLIK! | 24 October, 2017 | “Extrapolate” received the Animation For Art Lovers Award at the 10th aniversary edition of the KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival. Unfortunately I missed…

Physical Predictions

Physical Predictions | 01 October, 2017 | October 1st will be the opening of my solo exhibition “Physical Predictions” at “Het Langhuis” in Zwolle. The exhibition can be…

Meta Matter

Meta Matter | 05 July, 2017 | From June 9th till Sept 14th (Extended) I am exhibiting 5 works at Solyanka VPA ( Video Performance Animation) State Gallery…

Best of the Month

Best of the Month | 04 May, 2017 | Received a message from the Vimeo Curation Team about the selection of “Extrapolate” for the Vimeo Staff Pick “Best…

Prospects & Concepts

Art Rotterdam | 05 February, 2017 |  From 9 till 12 February my new film “Elastic Recurrence” can be seen at Prospects & Concepts at Art Rotterdam 2017…

Voices Short

Voices Short | 27 January, 2017 |  My new animation “Extrapolate” that I created with the support from “Animation Artist in Residence Tokyo 2016” will be screened at…

The Art of Impact

The Art of Impact | 01 December, 2016 | This year I was invited to give a Masterclass for future medical professionals as part of the program “De…

Imagine Science Films

Imagine Science Films | 10 October, 2016 |  The world premiere of my film “Extrapolate” at the 9th Imagine Science Film Festival in New York, 18 October 2016….


IM-PRESSION | 01 October, 2016 |  In October I will present my work “Primary Expansion” and the “Primary Prints” at “Kuntliefde” in Utrecht as part of the exhibition…

Thinking Sense

Thinking Sense | 25 September, 2016 |  With Bas van den Hurk, Just Quist, Sema Bekirovic, Johan Rijpma, Marc Nagtzaam, Esther Venrooy, Kok & Deiman, Margret Wibmer a.o….

Heart Of The Matter

Heart Of The Matter | 05 September, 2016 |  Radboud Kunst & Cultuur is presenting my work (Descent, Refreshment, Division & Tape Generations) in the ”Heart of the…


Tweetakt/Kaap | 27 March, 2016 |  Exhibiting ”Primary Expansion” and 4 ”Primary (screen)Prints” at the Kaap/Tweetakt group exhibition with work of i.e. Lotte Geeven, Mai Yamashita & Naoto Kobayashi. Foto…

Kyoto Art Center Presentation

Kyoto Art Center Presentation | 20 February, 2016 |  Presenting my work and new work (in progress) “Extrapolate” + work of other dutch artists at the Kyoto Art…

Knowledge Capital Presentation

Knowledge Capital Presentation | 20 February, 2016 |  Presenting my work at the Knowledge Capital in Osaka, Japan. During the exhibition “Freesound” with work of Christina Kubisch and…

Animation Artist In Residence

Animation Artist In Residence | 04 December, 2015 |  JAPIC just announced that I will be one of the three artists that will be traveling to Tokyo for…

LIMA – New Work

LIMA – New Work | 30 November, 2015 |  On 1 December (from 20:30 – 22:30) a screening from THE LIMA COLLECTION will take place at Arie Biemondstraat 111…

Cinetoko #32

Cinetoko #32 | 05 November, 2015 |  On 11 November I will be talking about my films at Cinetoko together with Suitup Studio, Studio Smack & Floris Kaayk at the…

Werkbijdrage Jong Talent

Werkbijdrage Jong Talent | 20 October, 2015 |  I’m very happy and grateful to receive the generous support of the Mondriaan Fund for my new projects next year….

Eye On Art

Eye On Art | 20 October, 2015 |  Talking about, and presenting my work in the Rock, Paper, Sellotape program at a special EYE ON ART evening focused…

Shortcutz 2015

Werkbijdrage Jong Talent | 15 October, 2015 |

Primary Prints

Primary Prints | 10 October, 2015 |  Together with Felix van Dam I created screen prints as an extension of the film “Primary Expansion”. The prints will be…


Time | 20 September, 2015 |  On Thursday, the 24 September at 14:00 2015 the Save the Loom foundation invites you to our event TIME. Time as defined…

KFP Musicvideo program

KFP Musicvideo program | 05 September, 2015 |  Curating a special musicvideo program for the “Korte Film Poule” at Eye Film Institute.


Adhere | 01 September, 2015 |  This exhibition showcases art that uses the distinctive and unconventional medium of adhesives. The works on view, which include several site-specific installations,…

LIMA, In focus

LIMA, In focus | 22 July, 2015 |  Johan Rijpma (1984) is one of the new young artists whose work has recently been added to the LIMA collection.

La Condition Humaine

La Condition Humaine | 01 June, 2015 |  The exhibition La Condition Humaine questions the human condition in contemporary culture by focussing on our competitive struggle for power…

Honorary Mention

Honorary Mention | 27 May, 2015 |  Received an Honorary Mention at Prix Ars Electronica in Austria, for “Descent” Catagory: Computer Animation/Film/VFX. Also an Honorary Mention for my…

ANN ARBOR DVD Collection

ANN ARBOR DVD Collection | 20 May, 2015 |  “Division” is featured on the ANN ARBOR Film Festival DVD vol.7 with many great experimental and award winning Short…

Curious Methods

Curious Methods | 01 May, 2015 |  Giving my “Masterclass” Curious Methods, followed by a Round Table discussion with Robert Seidel and Steven Woloshen at LaCasa Encendida, Madrid…

IED Clinic Madrid

IED Clinic Madrid | 01 May, 2015 |  Bret Battey, Johan Rijpma & Chris Casady at the Clinic for IED Students at Punto Y Raya Academy 2015.

Onder Controle

Onder Controle | 25 April, 2015 |  Exhibiting my work as part of the “Onder Controle” art project organized by Utrecht Down Under, with work of i.a. Jan…


Tweektakt/Kaap | 01 April, 2015 |  Groups exhibition Kaap/Tweetakt 2015, Fort Ruigenhoek Utrecht with i.a. Zoro Feigl and Leonard van Munster. Foto © Anna van Kooije

Life Is Short

Life Is Short | 01 April, 2015 |  Created the “Life Is Short” Trailer for the Go Short Film Festival 2016. You can see it here: During…

Tape dein Bewustsein

Tape dein Bewustsein | 01 December, 2014 |  Group exhibition with Volker Schreiner and Mihai Grecu at “Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart”

Drastic Measures

Drastic Measures | 06 September, 2014 |  Presenting my work at in the “Drastic Measures” exhibition at the “Academiegalerie” (Utrecht, Netherlands) with Jan Willem Deiman.

Radboud Exhibition

Radboud Exhibition | 01 September, 2014 |  Exhibiting “Refreshment” and the “Fifty Refreshments” at Radboud University in Nijmegen, Netherlands.


Erarta | 31, March 2014 |  Presenting my work at Festival Erarta Motion Pictures at Museum of Contemporary Art, Saint Petersburg Russia.

Barbara Aronofsky Latham Award

Barbara Aronofsky Latham Award | 30, March 2014 |  Division awarded the Barbara Aronofsky Latham Award for emerging experimental video artist at the 52nd edition of the Ann…

Every Single Day

Every Single Day | 25, Janurary 2014 |  E/V/E/R/Y S/I/N/G/L/E D/A/Y Exhibition with Jeroen Diepenmaat at the Kunstenlab, Deventer, Netherlands.

2 Minutes Short Film Award

2 Minutes Short Film Award | 19, Janurary 2014 |  “Division” awarded with the “2 Minutes Short Film Award For Emerging Filmmakers” at the Stuttgarter Filmwinter Festival. (With…

The Panicroom

The Panicroom | 21, November 2013 |  Presenting my work (and more) at the “Panic Room (#8)” (at Post Panic Amsterdam, Netherlands) with Aaron Duffy & Mike Alderson.

Incubate Film Award 2013

Incubate Film Award 2013 | 21, September 2013 |  “Division” Awarded with the Incubate Film Award 2013, Tilburg, Netherlands.

Cinedans Lecture

Cinedans Lecture | 01, March 2013 |  “Is it dance?” (Actor-Network Theory) lecture with Zeynep Gunduz at Cinedans Festival, Eye Film Institute, Amsterdam Netherlands.

L’Oeil de Links

L’Oeil de Links | 06, January 2013 |  Interview L’Oeil de links, Canal Plus France, presenting ”Primary Expansion”

IMPAKT, Rigid Regimes

IMPAKT, Rigid Regimes | 28, October 2012 |  Presenting “Tape Generations” at Impakt Festival’s Panorama Event: Rigid Regimes, Utrecht, Netherlands.


Exploratorium | 18, August 2012 |  “Tape Generations” screened at the Exploratorium in San Francisco for the celebration of the American particle physicist Frank Oppenheimers 100th Birthday.

TED, Tinker Make Do

TED, Tinker Make Do | 25, June 2012 |  Screening of “Division” at TED Global 2012: Radical Openness “Tinker Make Do” Program with i.a. Massimo Banzi.

The Great Wall of Oakland

The Great Wall of Oakland | 01, June 2012 |  “Division” screened on the great wall of Oakland, California, USA.

Workshop Tampere Art Factory

Workshop Tampere Art Factory | 06, May 2012 |  Experimental creative design workshop together with Cyrille Bloemers at Tampere Art Factory, Finland.

HKU Award 2011

HKU Award 2011 | 01, December 2011 |  Tape Generations awarded with the audience and Jury Award for the HKU Award 2011, Utrecht, Netherlands.